Super PACs: Gamble on America

The future of American elections

The future of American elections (Photo credit: Cory M. Grenier)

The U.S. budget deficit at the end of Fiscal Year 2012 is 1.089 trillion, less than last year when it was 1.297 trillion.  Super PACs have spent 530,816,785 to date.  The President has proposed a 350 billion jobs bill and a 476 billion infrastructure bill for Fiscal Year 2013.  So, if this election is all about jobs as both candidates suggest, than why don’t the Super PACs all get together and raise money to pay for these bills?  And then, because Super PACs can raise unlimited amounts of funds, and there is no limit to what corporations and billionaires can and will spend, why don’t they endeavor to raise the trillion and change needed to erase the deficit? The Super PACs could become Superheroes.

This is the least the PACs could do for the U.S., after all, many of their interests were bailed out with TARP and ARRA (Stimulus) funds, so why don’t they now return the favor and bail out the U.S.?  As it is, billionaires are just throwing around money as if playing in a high stakes poker game or betting on horses at the track.  Come on billionaires, if you don’t want to pay higher taxes, then at least gamble a little on America.  Becoming a Superhero is a pretty good return on your investment!

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