These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

Apart from family and the obvious joys of life, here are a few of My Favorite Things:

Walks in the Arboretum.  The Arnold Arboretum near my home contains every tree and plant in the world, it seems, and tons of squirrels, three stagnant ponds and 1 red-winged blackbird.  My youngest daughter and I used to feast on mulberries in May and climb the hills we called Everest with pretend canisters of supplemental oxygen.

Walks on the Beach.  Any beach as long as the sand hasn’t been used by too many dogs and smokers. I like to discover shells and cool rocks, not poo and butts.

The smell of a new car, but not new car smell in a can or those little hanging cardboard thingies that reek of artificial tropical flavors and cheap sickly sweet perfume.

Coffee.  I’m an addict.  I am.  And I’m not a snob.  No Starbucks or designer roasts for me.  I’d mainline Dunkin Donuts if I could and have been known to snack on 8 O’Clock Colombian beans straight out of the vacuum packed bag.

Road trips with an improvised itinerary.

Boston Red Sox and Fenway Park.  It’s been described as “perfectly flawed”. And it is, with plenty of obstructed views and seats that face the outfield.  But it’s friendly…mostly.  Friendly Fenway.

Hostess Orange Cupcakes.  I could eat 8 in one sitting, but I only eat one or   sometimes two with a fat free almond milk chaser.

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