Car Addict

I’m always working the remote  to find a car show.  I can’t get enough of shows like Chasing Classic Cars, Wheeler Dealer, West Coast Customs, Mecum Auto Auction.  My memory is not all that great so I watch episodes I’ve already seen. My wife says “again”? I don’t know what it is about cars, but I enjoy seeing new ones, old ones, classic cars, muscle cars, vintage cars, sports cars, and roadsters.

I guess it all started when I was kid.  Hot Wheels.  I had a ton of them and a coffee can full of plastic cars too.  I remember driving a pedal car and a souped  up tricycle with a roaring toy motorcycle engine.  When I got a little older, I was into building model cars and collecting car cards.

I inherited my love of cars from my dad.  He raced track cars at  some smoke filled pool hall with Schlitz and PBR on tap.  My dad was a Kools Filter Kings Schlitz drinking man.  He also had some Kool cars.  One was a aqua colored Ford Falcon.  It didn’t run well, but I remember sitting in it and pushing and pulling all the knobs on the dash. My dad also bought a used MG Midget and it was the car on which I learned to drive a stick.  Later he bought a Camero that became mine when I went off to college.

And even though I have not owned a special car since the Camero, I have not abandoned the idea of one day buying a roadster or a new Camero to relive my youth.  Until then, I’ll be watching car shows and driving my wife crazy naming every car I see on the road.


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