American Pickers

This is the first  in a multi-part installment on American reality TV shows.

American Pickers. Two guys, Mike and Frank, go around in a Volvo van picking through dusty barns, and “sketch” buildings on the back roads of America looking for anything they might be able to buy and resell for a profit. Mike specializes in old motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles; Frank looks for old advertisement pieces, signs, toys and oil cans.  They meet a lot of interesting characters on the road who are themselves collectors, pickers or hoarders. On each episode, they buy about a dozen items and have a few of them professionally appraised. Usually, the profit margin is negligible – maybe $100 bucks per thing bought – and that’s if they can sell it, which I presume they try to do over the Internet.  The guys joke around a lot with each other and their business associate, Danielle, who tends the store, supplies the pick leads and wants nothing more than to go out on a pick with the “boys”, which she eventually does.  It’s an entertaining and educational show, but what’s missing is that rare, priceless find – something of national importance – a museum piece.   I guess that’s what keeps them going, and what keeps me watching.  And the show is picking up steam.  Both Mike and Frank recently appeared on Late Night with David Letterman.  Rating:  B

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