Medved Warns of Voter Backlash

Larry King asked conservative talk show host Michael Medved if McCain could pull off a victory.  His answer might surprise you.  He said that because Obama is outspending and saturating the market with campaign ads, there could be a public backlash.   Does Medved have a point?  Do you feel like there’s a bit of piling on going on with the recent endorsements of Obama from Scott McClelland and General Colin Powell that could work in McCain’s favor with undecided voters?  Do voters think this way?  Is there really anyway to know?  Or is this a desperate and coy ploy to create public sympathy to persuade the Obama camp to pull back?

Another Republican pundit on Larry King this evening said that in order for McCain to win, he need only win all the Red States Bush the younger won in 2004.   And if that is the strategy, as Larry King pointed out,  then all Obama need do is hold the Blue States and win one Red.  With optimism, Medved suggested McCain has a shot at winning Minnesota and Pennsylvania.   I don’t know, Obama has a 12 point lead in a poll of polls in both states.

3 Responses

  1. I was watching a local program earlier this evening, where local media personalities sit around and talk about news items that are hot in the presses right now. One of them, columnist Bill McClellan of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, said that even though he’s pulling for Obama, he’s not convinced that Obama will win the election. So Medved isn’t the only one out there who has this feeling.

  2. I’m not convinced Obama will win either. I’m not sure how much of this backlash rhetoric Medved really believes. As a conservative Republican, he’s sounding a little panicked. I am an Obama supporter and have warned in a previous post that despite the big lead Obama has in the polls, he could still lose if some of his supporters don’t turn out. Some may feel overconfident and not bother to vote thinking Obama will win in a landslide. I think this is a more plausible scenario than the backlash theory.

  3. “Do voters think this way?”

    My feeling is they do, some at least. People like an underdog. (A term I heard McCain using in reference to himself recently.)

    I’m from PA. We get probably one, at least one, Obama ad in the mail every day. I don’t like all this advertising, all this money being spent on paper that just goes to a landfill. But I don’t see a way out.

    Also … as I’ve come to understand … Republicans vote.

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