Vaccination Vacation

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Français : Vaccination contre la grippe A (H1N1) de 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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I had never realized until just now that vaccination looks so much like the word  vacation.  And there is a probable link, for if you go without a vaccination, you just might get a vacation from work.  In the Boston area, there is a flu epidemic.  Folks are falling ill at an alarming pace, surpassing last year’s outbreak by a factor of 10.  But here’s the thing, Bostonians aren’t taking the threat seriously because so many have stubbornly refused to get inoculated with the flu vaccine.  I suppose they want the vacation from work.  And here’s the other thing, according to an article in the Boston Globe, folks aren’t getting the flu shot for some surprising reasons among them, people just don’t have time, which I believe is code for “can’t be bothered”.  One resident interviewed argued that as long as everyone else gets the shot, he’d be fine.  Another said that she doesn’t like shots.  These are all dangerously selfish responses, and are  examples of the me first attitude that seems to be prevailing these days in the good ole US of A.  There seems to be a general lack of commitment to the common good, and too much commitment to ridiculous causes like taking back the 2nd amendment which to my knowledge has never been taken away.  Is arming to the teeth the best way to build community?  Actually, I think groups like the NRA don’t give a crap about community and associate the word with communism – “them dang commies want to take my guns away”.  Those who stubbornly resist the flu shot are essentially arming themselves with a contagious and to some, deadly virus.  And you know something, that’s just wrong.

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  1. I do not get the flu shot for one reason. I did 3 times in the past and got the flu all 3 times. It’s just not for me. Here in PA we are having the same high numbers. So far 8 people I know who have had the flu, got the shot. Considering more people than not get the shot, the high numbers seem odd to me.
    People need to be responsible. If you’re sick stay the hell home.

  2. Not to dispute that you got sick after the injection, but it is said that folks really can’t get the flu from the shot; what is far more likely is that folks already had the virus or got it shortly after the shot which doesn’t provide full protection until something like a week or so later. But I agree that if you are sick, stay the hell home.

  3. I know I always hear that statement and think..”not me.” My doctor thinks I have an allergic component to the shot. So I’m pretty much bathing in sanitizer at this point.
    I loved the NRA twist…very clever.

  4. That makes sense – I know some people who are allergic to eggs/albumen and can’t get the shot. Bathing in sanitizer makes sense too, but don’t drink it!

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