Top 10 Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint

10.  Don’t use fertlizer on your plants, or your field.  It stinks and releases CO2.

9.  Feed cows less so they don’t crap as much.  For that matter stop eating beef. The fewer the cows the less the crap and the less crap the less methane which stinks too and is a known greenhouse gas.

8.  Stop deforestation.  Sorry Swamp Logger lovers, I’m going to have to ask you to boycott the show.  Oh, if you are by chance cutting down trees and stuff, stop it.  Plant a tree, but don’t use fertilizer.

7.  Stop flying.  Aviation fuel is expensive and responsible for a ton of CO2, that greenhouse gas that is warming the planet. I know, a major inconvenience, better to take the train or bus, or not travel at all.  If you need to have a business meeting, do a conference call – it’s cheaper and cleaner.

6.  Stop burning fossil fuels – no coal, oil, or gas.  How are you to stay warm at home?  Try green solutions like solar, blankets and sweaters.  Snuggle up with your honey.  Or keep the cat or dog at your side at night.

5.  Stop driving.  Walk when you can, or use mass transit.  Don’t like riding the bus or subway?  Just think of all the savings on car payments, insurance and gasoline.  If you must drive, buy a fuel efficient car – something that gets you close to 40 mpg.   I drive a Honda Fit, but very often take mass transit to work.

4.  Recycle everything.  This reduces the stuff that goes to landfills which release tons of CO2.  Save a tree or two in the process.

3.  Use CFLs instead of standard light bulbs.  They are much more energy efficient.  Beware though; they do contain traces of mercury. Don’t put them in the normal recycling bins. When spent, take them back to the retailer who will discard them in accordance to federal regulations.

2.  Become a vegetarian.  Ok, I don’t know if this reduces your carbon footprint, but it seems like the green thing to do and may keep you on the planet longer.

1.  Buy smaller shoes, or don’t wear them at all.  If you must wear shoes that fit, hop on one foot, or use a pogo stick, crutches even.

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