Retro Music Review – 8/25/1985

I don’t have anything important to say or anything earth shattering to share.  On that note, you may chose to read no further or further read.  Stevie Ray Vaughn is an exciting guitarist and KZEW is featuring tracks from his recent album, Couldn’t Stand the Weather.  I wish I could play like him, blues infused, but I have no clue.  In fact, I don’t play at all, guitar that is.  In fairness, I can play a chord, or two.  DAG – that’s it.  But I don’t even have a guitar…well unless you count my 1976 air Gibson SG; on this instrument, I have no fear, and no peer.

Can't Stand the Weather

No Sad FacesTonight at 9:00 on MTV, IRS’ the Cutting Edge will feature Dallas area bands including Brave Combo, a new age Polka band, I mean new wave Polka band or maybe Tex Mex Polkabilly or something or whatever, but I love them.  Saw them in Fayetteville at Jose’s.  I have no way of seeing this program because I don’t have a TV and don’t know anyone who does.  In fact, I don’t know anyone in this town – not a soul.  Don’t need no tube anyhow.  No time for it as this gradual school gig is about to begin.  NTSU.


Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

2 Responses

  1. Hey Voodoo Child – Slight Return is one of my all time favourite tunes. I have the Electric Ladyland version on my cameraphone and I also have it as a ringtone and my alarm!! lol Do you know if Stevie Ray is going to make a recording of this? I’d love to hear his version! :)
    Ohh thanks for the comment on my weblog ( ) – much appreciated. :)

  2. Fortunately, he did record a few Hendrix tunes including Voodoo Child on his LP Couldn’t Stand the Weather before he died tragically in a helicopter crash in 1990. I dig Voodoo Child too. Of course no one played it better than Jimi, but Stevie Ray did a whale of a cover. He also covered and recorded Little Wing. If you go on Youtube and plug in Stevie Ray Vaughn, you can find both covers- check em out if you get the chance.

    And thanks for checking out my site. Look forward to more of your work.

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