Deadline Nears for Registering to Vote in General Election

Voting is one of the most effective ways to participate in our democracy.  But you cannot vote unless you are registered in your state.  If you have never voted before, now is the time.  If you are 18, and a U.S. citizen with an address in the U.S., and not currently incarcerated, you are most likely eligible to vote!  Each state has its own registration deadlines and regulations, so please check your state’s instructions.  Some states have registration deadlines as early as October 4 for voting in the General Election.  Don’t delay and risk the chance of not having your voice counted!!  I will provide a link with forms and instructions at the end of this post.

Registering to vote is a snap.  In most states, you can pick up a form at a local public library, or post office and of course at your state’s elections division office. You can also download a form off the Internet, fill it out, provide copies of an accepted form of identification and mail it in to your state’s election office within the specified deadline prior to an election.  Some states do not allow mail in voter registration, but most do.  Check with your state elections office first, or check the instructions for your state from the link below.

Registering is easy – just 9 blanks – name, address, mailing address, phone, date of birth, race/ethnic group, id#, signature and date.  That’s it.

Also, if you are registered to vote but have moved or changed your name, you need to file the proper change forms so that you are transferred to the correct polling site and also to ensure that your name appears correctly on the voter roster.  Again, check your states regulations regarding change forms. These forms are also simple to complete.

Participate in democracy – VOTE!

US Elections Asssistance Commission

Registration Deadlines by State