Ella is Sick

Poor Ella.  She’s been throwing up her food for the last few days.  Being a long haired cat, she occasionally coughs up a fur ball or two and that’s normal.  But she hasn’t been able to keep her food down at all.  We took her to the vet yesterday.  Initially, we were worried that she had poisoned herself by eating practically half of one our potted plants.  Cats do eat plants as I am sure all you cat owners out there are aware.  I have heard that cats eat grass and plants when they have an upset stomach.  My mother thinks she has impacted fur balls lodged in her stomach and ate the plant to induce vomiting – perhaps a feline instinct.  Anyway, we put the plant out of reach and took her to the vet.

The vet ran some tests, took an x-ray of her belly, gave her some fluids, medication and 4 cans of a special cat food.  Total cost – about $250 US.  The blood test came back negative, as did the x-ray.  We are waiting for the results of a stool sample to check for parasites; unlikely, since she is an indoor kitty.

The medication comes in liquid form and I’ve had a hard time getting her to swallow the drops.  After several failed attempts to medicate her myself, my wife and I had to bundle her up in a towel to keep her from squirming and scratching.  My wife held Ella securely in the bundle and with her head tilted back, I pried opened her mouth and squirted the medication down her throat as she chewed and gagged a little on the syringe.

Ella seems to be feeling better now.  She was so relieved to get back home.