And then there were 8

From the cluttered Sports Desk of Ribbie’s Weblog:

Highlights from the second group of Sweet 16 games and a few other oddities:

  • In a losing effort, Tennessee had fewer turnovers, more rebounds, more steals and more blocked shots (8) than Michigan
  • Michigan outperformed Tennessee in all the shooting categories.
  • Louisville went only 13-23, 56.5% at the free throw line; KY, 22-27, 81.5%.
  • UConn shot a better 3 point percentage, 47.4%, than Iowa State’s field goal percentage, 46.4%
  • UConn made 91% of their free throws – 20-22; Iowa State 40% – 6-15.
  • UConn is 3-0 at Madison Square Garden this season.
  • The Big Ten reigns supreme with 3 teams left:  WI (2), MI (2) and MI State (4); SEC has 2:  FL (1), KY (8)
  • Last #8 National Champion: 1985 – Villanova.
  • Big Ten record – 9-3; SEC – 9-1.
  • The Lowest seeded teams in the Elite 8 are: Dayton (11), KY (8) and CT (7)
  • # of Elite 8 match ups between teams that have played before this season: 0
  • # of teams that have not faced an Elite 8 team this year: 1 – Dayton
  • Place Dayton finished in the Atlantic 10 conference: 6th.
  • Number of 11 seeds to reach the final four:  3: VCU (2011); Geo. Mason (2006); LSU (1986)
  • Kentucky’s record against Elite 8 teams:  0-3, losing twice to FL and once to MI St.
  • Florida’s record: 35-2.  # of losses to Elite 8 teams: 2 – UConn, WI
  • Most games against Elite 8 teams: MI – 6; record 3-3: Wins – WI, MI St. (2); Loses – AZ, WI, MI St.
  • Number of coaches in the Elite 8 with one or more championships: 3 – Billy Donovan (2); John Calipari (1); Tom Izzo (1)

2011 NCAA BB Mascot Challenge

The East:  Kentucky and North Carolina.  A tar-heel versus a Wildcat.  No contest here.  A tar heel is a sitting duck for a Wildcat.   Kentucky advances.

The West: UConn v. Arizona.  A big cat versus a big dog.  A western wildcat will cower and slink away when faced with the fierce fangs of a growling canine.  Now if we were talking about the Connecticut College Camels, I might go with Arizona.  Camels can be a little sluggish.  UConn advances.

The Southeast: Florida v. Butler.  A gator versus a bulldog is an interesting match up.  Unless the dog threatens a mother gator’s nest of babies, the gator is not likely to go after a pug- nosed slobbering fireplug.  I’ve seen a Youtube video of a domestic cat keeping an alligator at bay.  Butler advances.

Southwest:  VCU v. Kansas.  I think a Jayhawk would drive a Ram crazy, harrassing it until the RAM gores it with its horns.  VCU advances.

Final Four: VCU, Butler, UConn, Kentucky.  Ram beats Bulldog; Husky beats Wildcat.

Championship Game: Headline – Husky bites Ram’s leg.  Ram limps off yelping in pain.  UConn wins title.