Making Sense of all this Madness

This is not exactly a rant, but I’m trying to make some sense out of the madness that defines U.S. politics.  I thought I’d start with some statements that I believe cut through the rhetoric and get right to the point or at least my point.

  • The only people who really care about the 8.2% unemployment rate are the unemployed.  The rest, DEMS and GOP alike use the statistic for political advantage.
  • The people who care most about the Affordable Care Act, A/K/A Obamacare are the uninsured.
  • The only people who support voter ID laws are desperate Republicans who hope to prevent the uninsured and unemployed from voting.
  • The word TAX is used to fear monger.  Ironically, it was the ability to tax that helped transform the country from a loose confederation to a united group of states.
  • The people who care most about income inequality are the very rich who have the most to lose and whose interests both parties have always protected.
  • Capitalism through “free” market enterprise means to get as rich as possible by any means necessary.  Bain Capital is the classic textbook example.  Profit over people.
  • Deficit reduction via spending cuts is code for privatization.
  • Politicians who deny climate change have been bought out by the energy industry who profit wildly from the drilling, fracking, mining and burning of fossil fuels that are significantly responsible for global warming which has brought about catastrophic weather extremes.  This world view is one of profit over the environment and ultimately over people when there’s no environment left.  How crazy is that?