Bottled Water

Bottled water.  Vitamin fortified water.  Reverse osmosis.  Bottled at the source.  Too many choices.  What’s wrong with tap water?  Is it really tTapping into bottled water concernshat bad?  Does anyone drink from a water fountain anymore?  When I was a kid in school, the water fountain was the only option for a drink. We had milk breaks, but water was the only thirst quencher.  I remember refusing to drink from the fountain when the water pressure was low for obvious reasons.

And how about the garden hose.  As a kid, I drank from the hose on a hot summer’s day.  It didn’t matter that it tasted warm and a little metallic with hints of 50' Garden Hose $50.00plastic when it first came out, it was still refreshing.  Back in the day, I don’t think you could even buy a 12 ounce bottle of water, and if you could, who would?

My tap water looks clear, smells and tastes clean.  It does not contain lead or other toxins, at least I don’t think it does – we had it tested 4 years ago, but who knows.  While I confess that a bottle of Poland Springs is conveneint to carry around, and a better choice than a soda or a coffee, is it really better than tap water?  Some waters are bottled at the source.  At the source of what?  A tap? And what exactly is reverse osmosis?  That sounds like one of those throw away answers on a multiple choice test.

Now I do have a Brita pitcher, but I get a little nervous when I see what appears to be poppy seeds floating around in the holding tank.  Speaking of filters, you can buy about 144 bottles of water for the price of a  Brita filter.  Or you could just pay your water bill and drink from the tap or the garden hose.