Sarah Palin’s Plan In Her Own Words

Q and A with Sarah Palin and Judson Phillips founder of the Tea Party Nation at the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville, TN.

Judson Phillips:  We’ve heard of the Obama plan.  What’s the Palin plan?

Sarah Palin:  The Palin plan? It’s quite simple.  And I kind of get a kick out of it, I think it probably drives some of the elitist crazy that I don’t get angry about it I get a kick out of it that when they say I am too simple minded and too plain spoken but my plan is quite simple and that is to support those who understand the foundation of our country. When it comes to the economy it is free market principles that reward hard work and personal responsibility and when it comes to national security as I ratchet down the message on national security, it’s easy to kinda sum it up by repeating Ronald Reagan when he talked about the cold war and we can apply this now to our war on terrorism you know bottom line we win they lose we do all that we can to win.

Me:  There you have it.

Barack Obama’s Speech – One for the Ages

Invesco Field at Mile High stadium has never been so energized.  80,000 Americans from diverse backgrounds came together to witness history in the making.  What a party.  A grand and authentic show of Unity to the sounds of Stevie Wonder, Michael McDonald, Will.i.Am and John Legend.  And there were some fabulous orations. Al Gore gave a rousing Green speech reminding us all of the fragile nature of our planet and the consequences of ignoring Global warming.

Interestingly, McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP choice, a woman who believes that global warming claims are overstated.  Like many in the Republican party (certainly not all to be fair) she does not believe in Science.  Skeptical of the theory of evolution, she is a proponent of teaching Creationism in the schools.  I’m not making this up!

Finally, the moment came that 38 million Americans watched all across the country – Barack Obama, the first African American accepting the nomination of a major political party.  His speech was one for the ages and should remove all doubt as to his beliefs and plans.  He effectively linked the suffering of the middle class to failed Republican policies that put the interest of the wealthy and big business over the interest of the people.  He defined what he means by change, giving detailed proposals on the issues that people care about:  job creation, education, energy, the environment, health care, tax relief and ending the war.  He explained how he would pay for his plans by “closing corporate loopholes and tax havens that don’t help America grow” and by eliminating programs that “don’t work” and “making the ones we do need work better and cost less”.

“…the change we need is coming” and that change is Barack Obama.

Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech