Ask Your Doctor

Lipitor, Caduet, Nexium (the purple pill), Abilify, Plaxil, Imitrex, Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, Flomax – No, I purple-pilldon’t take any of these prescription drugs, but I feel like I know all about them.  And if you watch any TV at all, you might know them well too.  Ask your doctor if Caduet is right for you?  Wait.  Isn’t this role reversal? Drug companies apparently believe it is now the role of the patient to suggest a course of treatment to the doctor, as if the doctor were the patient or simply clueless, or an intern in need of supervision.  “Hey doc, I have this migraine and was thinking to go with 20 mg of Imitrex and for the clogged artery thing, a 4 month alternating course of Caduet and Plavix.”

This would save time, wouldn’t it?  Maybe the HMOs would promote the idea.  Self-diagnose on WebMD (we all do it) and request your own meds.  No second guessing the doctor.  You are in charge.  No annoying exams or redundant questions.  All that’s needed is a “sounds good” from the doctor and a signature.


Doctor:  How can I help you?

Patient:  A bottle of Flomax and box of Prilosec to go please.

Doctor:  Sounds good, anything else?

Patient:  Got any more of those Caduet mugs?

Doctor:  No, I’m all out, but I do have this nifty Thorazine penlight.  Here, take two.

Patient:  Gee thanks – great stocking stuffer!