GOP Just Making Stuff Up

Warning:  This is a political rant, fueled by the music of Prokofiev.

Marco “Polo” Rubio, the young vice-presidential hopeful who may do to Romney what Palin did to McCain, said in a recent Fox “News” interview that President Obama had spent so much time in Washington that he had become “divisive” and “cynical”. Wait, I think he’s confused, after all, he is new to politics; it happens.  I think he meant the GOP, the Grand Old Party of NO has been divisive and cynical. Let’s take a closer look.  The GOP has said no to stopping student loan interest rate increases (thanks to Senator Scott Brown) – my daughter will be overjoyed to be paying double the interest rate on her Stafford loans when she graduates; no to billionaires and giant corporations paying their fair share in taxes; no to planned parenthood; no to gay marriage; no to the dream act for immigrants; no to immigration reform; no to equal pay for equal work; no to NPR; no to infrastructure projects unless in their own districts; no to clean energy and clean air; no to diplomacy; no to science; no to any kind of regulations; no to judicial nominations; no to health care reform, no to the 99%, and so on.

Mitt originally said the economy was improving, then said it was not improving fast enough then said President Obama was leading the country sideways.  A great movie by the way. Wow – as one pundit put it, Romney can take 3 sides on every issue.  Talk about sleight of hand.

And Newt’s parting comment was that President Obama is the “most radical leftist president in the history of the United States”. Newt knows this is not true, and he’s smart enough to know that truth doesn’t matter in GOP politics.  So let’s explore just how radical the President has been in the last four years.  Let’s see, he doubled down in Afghanistan.  He did not make good on closing Guantanamo Bay.  He ended Bin Laden and continues to decimate Al Queda leadership with one drone attack after another.  He’s nearly deported more undocumented immigrants in his first term than GW Bush did in 8 years. He’s done virtually nothing to push forward comprehensive immigration reform which he promised to do in his first year.  And if that weren’t enough, he extended the Bush tax cuts. Some radical.  He’s not even very progressive. He’s a moderate, but the thing is, the GOP is so off the charts to the right, that a centrist looks like a socialist by comparison.  And extending the GOP party purity standard of today, Reagan and Bush the Elder would be card carrying marxists. Bush the Younger, well, just a gun toting god fearing cowboy oilman.

File this under humor, no cynicism.

Music and Mood

My musical tastes are varied and generally mirror my mood or compliment what I happen to be doing. Here’s a sample of music matched to mood or task:

Checking E-Mails: anything on

DeStressing: Brian Eno – Ambient 4: On Land

Writing, Concentration and Focus: Miles Davis – In a Silent Way

Relaxing: Chopin- Nocturnes (Complete)

Motivation: Any Pat Metheny record

Inspiration: John Coltrane: A Love Supreme; Marvin Gaye – What’s Going On

Reflection: Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Moon

Nostalgia: Genesis – Seconds Out and the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

Creativity: Bill Frisell

Pick Me Up: Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter or Herbie Hancock

Ironically, the Miles LP is entitled Relaxin with the Miles Davis Quintet, but I find the music anything but relaxing.

Productivity and Focus: Prokofiev – Piano Concertos