The Politics of Distraction – Are We Stupid?

Are we so stupid that we’ll let lipstick talk occupy our thoughts when we have so many important issues facing our country?  Senator Obama labeled the hype “phony outrage” on the part of the McCain campaign.  The suggestion here is that Barak Obama is sexist.  The very Obama who voted for equal pay for equal work.  What would you call McCain who refused to vote at all on the same bill?  Would you call him a maverick?  And his glass ceiling shattering, gun toting, lipstick wearing hockey mom of a running mate?  A feminist?  The name calling is utter nonsense, but it is effective at distracting our attention.  Brilliant Republican strategy?  Cynical to be sure.  If you have something to hide – let’s say the record – create a diversion.  You know the Republicans are ecstatic that CNN has devoted two entire days to lipstick on a pig.  At this rate Obama’s message will never take hold because it won’t be heard.  He’ll be on the defensive – no way to run a campaign.

Boycott the networks if they refuse to cover substance.  Flip the channel the next time you hear the phrase lipstick on a pig, or any other sensationalized tidbit.  If a newspaper runs trash talking headlines on the front page, don’t buy it.  Cancel your subscription.  We have a right to hear what the candidates have to say about the issues.

Actually, you don’t even need to listen to the candidates anymore.  Their views are a matter of public record. You can google McCain and Obama’s voting record.  We know all there is to know about Palin – which is to say not much or maybe too much, but whatever; I do know enough to know that she was tapped to get the Republicans re-elected.  She is no more qualified to run the country than I am – and trust me, I am not qualified – actually, I was on the student council in high school and an off-campus rep in College.  Maybe I am more qualified than her.  I passed legislation.  I did – legislation to provide more off campus bus stops.  Damnit I am qualified.  Ribbie for President!  Sorry I got a little carried away.  Ok, a lot carried away.  It’s late.  I’m tired.  And it doesn’t matter what I write, because no one will read this post anyway, nor will anyone comment.  Watch.

Are we stupid?  Are you stupid? – ok, maybe you are just lazy or too busy to think, so I’ll make it easy for you to decide who to vote for in November.

Do you like guns, want more of them – maybe a handgun…and not ever have to unload it – vote Republican, even though McCain doesn’t own a gun.  If you don’t like to hunt, but want a gun anyway, vote Democrat – Obama’s not big on guns, but he believes you have a right to yours.

Religious?  Tired of the separation of church and state?  Want prayer and creationism in schools? Fine.  McCain’s your guy.  But remember, you’d have to give equal time to all religions including atheism because we do live in a religiously diverse country.  Now a disclaimer; McCain believes in evolution – I don’t think Palin does, God had a plan in her view – but McCain would leave the creationism or intelligent design debate to the states.

Health Care?  The plans are fairly complex.  If you don’t have health care insurance, you are probably a Democrat.  If you’re not, maybe you should be.

Economy?  Taxes – if you earn less than 5 million, vote Democrat.

Energy?  Now everyone is for drilling, even the Dems.  We went to war for oil – well, I didn’t – I have always been opposed to war –  anyway, if we have been so victorious, as Palin suggests, and the surge so effective as McCain suggests, why are we paying $3.50 US at the pump and 10 billion a month in Iraq or is it 40? How about this – just don’t buy oil or gas? Go electric, go hybrid.  Lighten your carbon footprint. Bike, Subway, Bus it.  Walk baby walk!

Whatever you decide, take a real look at the issues and make an informed choice.  And do vote.  Don’t let the bastages get you down.  We’re better than that!