Ode to Organic



Range free and cageless eggs

Atop heaps of rare grass fed beef

Resting on a bed of quinoa

Peppered with chia seeds

Superfood of the Aztecs and the Mayans

And perhaps the Incas too

Beckon me to supp

And I dine

Sipping wine

Made from organic non-GMO yeast

 As Guatemalan fair trade percolates

And my mind briefly drifts to the

Snickers bar I have tucked away in my dresser drawer

That could secretly complete the feast

Denton Blues

NTSU 001

Yet another day

To my dismay

109 above

Sunset of smoldering lava

The twilight ablaze

Looms in the west

It’s the sunbelt way

Here on Bonnie Brae

Slept well into the new day

Up for Jazz at 1 o’clock