Republicans Implode

Looks like the top Republican candidates for the U.S. Presidency have imploded, leaving room for the wackier bottom tier to make a serious run.

Herman Cain, with his 999 plan, 666 flipped, and his creepy smoke filled add, has some serious allegations of sexual harassment to deal with in the coming days. Whether he can weather the storm is unclear, but the charges have not curtailed his fundraising results.

Mitt, champion of the “mittle class” also known as the big corporation, has flipped flopped so many times on almost every issue from guns to climate change that he cannot possibly be a serious candidate, can he?

And Rick Perry’s latest speech in New Hampshire shows just how presidential he is not. Did you watch the speech. He was either drunk, stoned on meds, or had taken too much nitrous oxide. It was embarrassingly creepy. If this is the real P. Guv. Perry, he’s lucky if he raises another dime for the run. And Texas, is the guy for real? He makes W. look like an intellectual.

Now this leaves room for the most ideologically extreme to gain ground – the libertarian RINO Senator Ron Paul, who’d try to abolish practically every government service were he elected, deregulation to the extreme. And then, of course, there’s the rambling “intellectual” Newt “grinch” Gingrich who generally makes no sense at all, but more sense than the rest of the field. And finally, one can’t forget Senator Bachmann, a former Tea Party favorite whose stock has declined steadily. Could she make a serious run? Lord help us all if she does.

Frankly, with all of the chaos in the Republican ranks, and Congress’ 9% approval rating, President Obama should be a shoe in for reelection. Nothing of course is certain in politics, but Obama biggest rival could be within the Democratic Party who might put up a more progressive candidate supported by the 99%. This strategy, however, could backfire, were a progressive to win the nomination. With the culture wars such as they are, a more conservative candidate would be more electable, and that would give the edge to the Fox News watching Republican voter who would be tricked into believing that the country would be taken over by flag burning anarchists if the Democrats retain power.