Blood Moon and Mushrooms


I looked for the blood moon this morning, but all I found was an orange sky, which could have been a product of industrial pollution and not the lunar eclipse.  So I went back to bed.

Blood moon.  Makes me think of a blood orange, which I didn’t even know existed until just a few years ago.  My first encounter with one left me bruised and traumatized.  I thought someone had injected the orange with blood.  I threw it away as if it were medical waste and repeatedly washed my hands.  On the subject of oranges, I like them ok, but don’t much like peeling them.  You know why?  The juice from the orange peel gets inside my finger nails and stains them, making me look like a heavy smoker or a man with a fungus issue.

Speaking of fungus, I used to despise mushrooms, but I have room for them now that I’m a little more cultured.  I especially like them stuffed or marinated.  I’m not a shroom snob though.  I couldn’t tell you much about the morel, or a truffle other than they are deliciously expensive.  But I do know that some mushrooms can kill you and others can make you fly and at least a few have medicinal properties.

The blood moon, the blood orange, and the mushroom that the Spanish speaking sometimes refer to as el champinon or simply el hongo, are on my mind this rainy tax day morning.

Sad Sod Looks Like Shredded Wheat

I sodded my yard at the beginning of the summer, or I should say I had it sodded. I’d have done it myself if I had had a pickup truck or a big enough trunk. Ok, I wouldn’t have done it myself because I’m lazy. I’m so lazy that I failed to water the lawn enough and now have sad sod. Some of the patches look like giant blocks of shredded wheat.  Actually, I did water in the beginning, but huge mushrooms began to sprout all over the yard, so I decided to water less, to eliminate the fungus. Then I got lazy and stopped watering altogether, but when brown patches appeared, I started watering again. The lawn is looking better, but the shredded wheat remains. Should I replace the dead patches now or wait until next spring? This may sound like a dumb question, but will the dead sod yield grass next year?