The Joy of Flying a Roadster

I’m in the market for a car.  If I were buying just for me, I’d look at some American muscle like the new Camaro or a Dodge Challenger.  If not a muscle car than a roadster, maybe a Mazda Miata.  I haven’t driven a roadster since I learned to drive a stick on my dad’s 1972 MG Midget.

There’s another car I’ve been looking at, and it can fly, literally, the  Terrafugia Transition, a flying car.  At $200,000 U.S., it’s a little out of my price range, and I don’t have a pilot’s license, but these are small details.  The company is based in Massachusetts so maybe I could haggle for a hometown discount. Anyway, the thing, and it does sort of remind me of a VW Thing, or a mutant VW Beetle, drives and flies on gasoline.  It’s kind of like a riding lawnmower with a hardtop that can take flight – no like a SMART car with wings.  And like the ultralight SMART car, it’s not terribly swift, with a top speed of 85 mph on the road, 115 in the air.  I wonder what the gas mileage is?  Can you imagine future mpg ratings, say 35 city, 55 air.

According to Terrafugia it’s actually not a flying car, but rather a roadable aircraft.  I’d call it a flying roadster, which sounds more like something out of the Jetsons.  And if they threw in a joystick and build in those Jetson sound effects, I’m sure they’ll sell a ton of them.