Top 10 Reasons Clinton Supporters Should Vote for Obama

10) The two share similar views on all the major issues.

9) Don’t worry, Barak Obama has legislative and leadership experience at the community, state and federal levels.

8) If you don’t vote at all, McCain will win.

7) If you vote McCain to victory, his Supreme Court appointments are likely to be as conservative as President Bush’s appointments, Alito and Roberts. He helped to block one of Clinton’s nominees in 1994 and has supported every Republican nominee since he has been in office including Robert Bork. See article by Doug Kendall in the Huffington Post: Fearing the McCain Supreme Court

6) Why does the composition of the Supreme Court matter? A more conservative court could overturn Roe v Wade. The Reagan Library produced a personal qualifications letter Judge Alito submitted years ago when applying for a job in the Justice Department in which he wrote that he was “particularly proud of my contribution in recent cases in which the government has argued in the Supreme Court…that the Constitution does not protect the right to an abortion.” Even though years later in confirmation proceedings he stated that he respects Court precedents, will he? In addition, this conservative Court has affirmed the right of citizens to bear handguns for protection, overturning a two-part gun control law in DC that banned them and required firearms to be unloaded and stored with safety locks. Even if you are a hunter, surely you can see the wisdom of keeping your shotguns and rifles unloaded and stored safely out of the reach of your children. Though this may come as no surprise, the current Court favors Big Business according to an article in Knowledge@Emory: Will Businesses Benefit from Recent US Supreme Court rulings? A McCain presidency could guarantee more big business as usual.

5) If you don’t vote at all, you have no right to complain for the next 4 years.

4) If you feel Senator Clinton has not been sufficiently respected by the Obama camp, pay attention to the Democratic National Convention. You will see the Clintons play a prominent role. Listen to her speech. And if you feel she was not seriously vetted for the VP role, consider that she may not have wanted it.

3) The War. Hawk or Dove. If you are Hawk, McCain could be your guy, but surely you don’t want our troops in Iraq for 100 more years.

2) Senator Clinton may have more of an impact as a U.S. Senator, than a VP or a member of the Cabinet. Personally, I would like to see her as the next member of the U.S. Supreme Court.

1) The top reason for the Clinton supporter to vote for Barak Obama is this: She asked you to!