To Do List

For me, making a to do list is a clever way to procrastinate. I know very well what I have to do, and I could be doing it right now, no should be doing it right now.

It’s the weekend, Sunday to be exact. Palm Sunday in fact. And my wife’s birthday.

Eggs, turkey bacon, fresh fruit, coffee and toast.

Just have to run the dishwasher and sort out the removed clean plastic containers.

Unfortunately, I brought work home. I need a solid 4 hours to make any progress, which includes research and work on the narrative.

I don’t like doing this much, actually the thought of doing it, but it’s not so bad once I get going. We bought a new LG upright and the novelty has not yet worn out. So I’ll play around with this toy for a while and take too much time as a way to procrastinate working on the grant.

I have a frozen shoulder and one with tendinitis. I have about 10 stretching exercises to do. I can stretch this to avoid beginning work on the other things listed above.

I can turn down the volume completely and do other things  like vacuuming, even writing grants. In place of the broadcasters, I’ll put on some classical music to help me focus on whatever else I need to do during the Red Sox game.  The Red Sox play good to Beethoven.  If I didn’t have the game on, I’d feel anxious and would constantly check for updates.

I want to make a video to post on YouTube. I ran across one recently of this guy talking about his record collection. Now that’s a topic I could sink me teeth into – I have so many stories to share about collecting records, CDs and then records again.

This is a silly post, I know. I doubt anyone but me will ever read it. I can’t imagine that anyone would put as a search term – LG vacuum. But if you did, know this: I like the LG brand. I’ve owned an LG cell phone, an LG dehumidifier and now a vacuum and they all performed as expected. The upright bagless vacuum has good suction and a elegant design. We bought a floor sample for cheap, to replace our aging Kenmore canister and have been pleased so far.