Something Fishy About GM Salmon

English: Illustration of various salmon

English: Illustration of various salmon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve been dreaming of eating fresh, GM certified salmon, your wish may soon come true?  Bred in tanks and substantially meatier, genetically engineered salmon could be the next culinary fad.   One fish to feed a family of six or ten.  Don’t like the taste of salmon, or the spelling of the word, no problem, scientists can engineer out the salmon flavor and the l and make it taste like catfish.  Made to order.  “I’ll have the samon fish sticks please”.

The thing is, as safe as scientists say this grand experiment is, they do admit the potential for ecological problems.  First, GM bred salmon can breed with brown trout and produce a hybrid that carries the genetically modified genes.  So what, you may ask?  Here’s the deal, those offspring  grow quickly and out-compete other fish for limited resources.  Carry this out to the extreme and we’re talking an eventual battle between jumping carp, jelly fish and GM salmon for complete aquatic domination.  Now if scientists could figure out a way to create a jelly bean flavored jelly fish that can be frozen and made into raspberry jello or gelato…