Democracy and Coincidences

Cornel West_Utah_2008

Coincidences happen to me every now and then, but If I don’t write them down, they are soon forgotten, like dreams…fleeting and fascinating.  I’m convinced coincidences happen to us all, when we bother to tune in.  At least I want to believe this is true, and that I am normal, and not possessed, pun intended, with supernatural abilities.

Here’s one I experienced on the bus last week.   To give you some background, I had been reading The Magic Mountain , Thomas Mann’s masterpiece (and I have had some strange encounters while reading it on the bus and subway) but I lost the book, midway through – as has happened to me on several occaasions with other classics – Dostoevsky’s The Idiot comes to mind.   I had to find another book to read for my commute.   Looking through the bookshelves, I ran across a book I began reading some months ago, but had misplaced – Democracy Matters, by Cornel West, a must read if democracy matters to you.  So I placed it in my book bag and headed off to the bus stop.

Got on the bus at the corner of West and Poplar, unzipped my bag, and at the moment I took out the book, the programmed public address system announced: “Next, stop, Cornell Street”.  Indeed!