Things are looking rosy for the Prez.

After 977 days of office, President Obama’s Job Approval rating is at 41%, according to a Gallop Poll .  How do these numbers stack up against other Presidents’ polling numbers at day 977?

Bush the Younger – 55%

Clinton – 48%

Bush the Elder – 66%

Reagan – 45%

Carter – 33%

Are these numbers troubling for the Obama administration?  Maybe not.  Bush the Elder, with the highest job approval ratings after 977 days was not reelected.  Both Reagan and Clinton whose numbers, like Obama, were in the 40s, got reelected.  And given that 90% of Americans polled by CNN say that the economy is in poor shape, a 41% approval rating is stunningly impressive.  How could this be?  Well, folks don’t exclusively blame the President for the crappy economy.  Only 32% say Obama is largely to blame while 52% blame George W. Bush.  And 82% of Americans polled by various outlets, as reported in Real Clear Politics, have noticed that the “do nothing” Congress has done nothing. It is Congress, not Obama, who should be concerned.

Now, onto the matter of the 2012 election.  How would Obama fair against the Republican field? Head to Head, according to polling complied by Real Clear Politics, only Romney would give Obama a close run, followed by Ron Paul, who has no chance to win the nomination.  Romney is polling better than the others, but he will have trouble with the Tea Party over his views on climate change and his many flip flops on matters that matter most to the hard core conservative wing who have taken over the Republican Party.  Interestingly, when looking at Republican vs. Democrats, the polling suggests a dead heat.

Prediction:  President Obama will win a second term as President by narrowly defeating Rick Perry in the 2012 Presidential Election.