BAMA Should Win SEC Title

Here’s why Alabama will win the SEC Football Championship:

  1. Better Mascot.  Alligators are slow and primitive.  Gators become even more sluggish during bouts of Crimson (Red) Tide.  One severe outbreak could wipe the species off the planet.
  2. Home Field Advantage.  Tuscaloosa is closer to Atalanta than Gainesville.
  3. Coaches.  “Pope” Urban Meyer vs. Nick Saban.   Nick Saban is just a better football name in my opinion.  Sounds rugged and warlike.
  4. Famous Alabamans:  Jessie Owens, Lionel Hampton, Sun Ra, Bart Star, Jimmy Buffet, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King, and Jim (Gomer) Neighbors.  Famous Floridians:  Jed Bush.
  5. Tradition:  Edge to ‘Bama.  Steve Spurrier put Florida football on the map both as a player and coach, but his persona reminds me a little of Yosemite Sam.  Hall of Famer Paul Bear Bryant former Alabama coach won 6 national championships with the Crimson Tide and is one of the winningest coaches of all time.

Prediction for the SEC Championship in Atlanta today:  ALA 31 – FLA 24.