Heart and Rush in the Hall


Rush and Heart along with a handful of other artists will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) next year, two bands I grew up listening to back in high school.  They may not have been the most significant bands of the era, or the most interesting or flashy.  Their records were not all masterpieces, but they had tons of fans in their hey days and sold out big arenas across the U.S. and Canada.  Interestingly, they are both Canadian bands.  Heart actually formed in Canada where they recorded Dreamboat Annie (1976), their first and perhaps best LP.  2112 , also released in 1976, propelled Rush onto the international stage.  As a teen, it was one of the records in constant play on my turntable, as was Heart’s Dog & Butterfly (1978), an underrated classic and in my view, the band’s magnum opus.

Are the two bands deserving of the RRHOF?  Perhaps.  Given the amount of time I spent listening to Hemispheres (1978) and Dog & Butterfly as a teenager, I think yes.  And from the standpoint of durability, the bands are still standing and playing after nearly 40 years – and that’s a lot of years rock and rolling.  Heart may not have had quite the impact that Rush has had.  They still tour, but play theaters, not arenas.  Rush on the other hand just completed the North American leg of their Clockwork Angels  (2012) world tour where they have played large arenas and will continue to do so in Europe in 2013.  And by the way, Clockwork Angels may be their best LP to date.  No many bands who have been playing since the 70’s would be capable of producing a masterpiece together nearly 40 years later let alone pulling it off as Rush has.

To Rush, Heart and all the 2013 inductees to the RRHOF, Congratulations and rock on!

Song Not Car Star in VW Ad

Volkswagen has a new ad out, you know the one with the dude who makes a good drumstick toss and catch air drumming to an old Rush tune in his new black VW Passat? Well, once again, the song is the star, not the dude, and not the car.  This time, the song is Fly By Night, a slightly undervalued song from the album by the same name.  Rush released Fly By Night in 1975 and it helped launch their career that is still going strong today.  Have you heard their latest album Clockwork Angels?  You should, because it is good, it really is and might be as good as their classic album 2112 and that’s saying a lot.  Why these guys are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is beyond me.

I said Volkswagen has an ad out and once again the song is the star.  Do you remember the other song that stared several years back?  You should if you don’t.  Pink Moon by Nick Drake.  The title track from his third album released in 1973, Pink Moon is dark and pensive as are the rest of the bleak but gorgeous songs on the LP.  It would be his last recording before he died of an overdose.  If you don’t know his music, check him out.  You’ll be glad you did.