RIP Mercury

Ford is finally letting go of its clone brand, the Mercury.  I never much liked Mercury styling.  I came from a Chevy family.  A close friend of mine drove a Ford Maverick, the twin of the Mercury Comet.  This same friend also drove an indestructible Grand Marquis in college that I spent a lot of time in.  It took up two parking places, drank oil like water and probably got 5 mpg, but it was a great car.  We called it the staff mobile.  My wife drove a Mercury Grand Marquis Colony Park Station Wagon that was on its last leg when I first met her.  After a year of dating and going through 5,000 pints of oil, we sold it to a junk yard for $25.

The thing I like most about Mercury are the model names:  Comet, Bobcat, Lynx, Zephyr, the Sable, twin of Taurus and the Mercury Cougar. Another friend of mine had a 1979 Cougar that he drove hard and fast.  Wait, maybe it was a Thunderbird.

RIP Mercury.