Twin Yolks

Twin Yolks

The odds of cracking open an egg to reveal two yolks and not breaking one or both are astronomically high.  Before this morning, I had never heard of such a feat or even knew twin yolks were possible.  In fact, I never even thought about it, and I think a lot about silly things that occupy too much space in my brain.  When I cracked open a brown Cage Free Organic (CFO) this morning and saw the split, I thought it was all a freaky hallucination, perhaps a rare side effect of the Prilosec I had taken earlier.  I quickly snapped it before it disappeared and posted a photo to my Facebook and Instagram accounts in hopes that someone would reassure me that I had not lost touch with reality.  What I learned was that twin yolks are a sign of good luck.  Of course, some of my friends “cracked” yokes about it with references to Chernobyl and politics.

I actually feel incredibly accomplished now that I’ve split the yolk. I think I know how the nuclear fissionists must have felt when they first split the atom.  It must have been a shock and a real rush.

But back to the chickens.  I wonder if the fact that the hens from this particular batch of eggs had roamed free had anything to do with producing twins? Isn’t this the best case yet for poultry producers to free their hens from cages?  Imagine if each egg contained two yolks.  We’re talking double the profits here.  Instead of a dozen eggs, folks would only need to buy 6 (smaller, cheaper packaging) and crack one for 2.  Who has time to crack multiple eggs in the morning anyway.  I know I don’t.  And the mess.

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