Gators Crave Gatorade



Gators love Gatorade.  It was made for them back in the 60’s, and they are addicted to it.  One of my sources, who wishes to remain anonymous, says that a band of gators from Florida and Mississippi who participated in a focus group overwhelming favored the Orange flavored Gatorade and I think I know why.  The florescent colored sport juice of crocks and gators contains an addictive ingredient that reptiles crave – brominated vegetable oil.  They love the stuff.  Those who fish gators in the swamps of the deep South know this and squirt Orange Gatorade on their baits and hooks.  Gators can’t resist.

And now gators are being deprived of the juice with the oil they so love.  It’s true!  Gatorade removed brominated vegetable oil from its recipe and now the gators won’t bite and many have been seen on the banks of the Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida swamps with their mouths wide open, transfixed, and in a state of extreme thirst.  It’s an ugly sight.  The good news is that some gators have taken to Orange flavored Vitamin water, bottle and all.


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