Stallone Supports Gun Control but…

Sylvester Stallone in Sweden to promote "...

Sylvester Stallone in Sweden to promote “Rambo III” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sylvester Stallone.  What position does the man who played Rocky and Rambo take on gun control?  Would you be surprised to know that the star of the new movie “Bullet to the Head” is for a ban on assault weapons?  I am.  As the killing machine in the Rambo series of films, he fired practically every assault weapon in existence.  Stallone hasn’t exactly portrayed restraint in the films he’s most known for but even Rocky eventually understood that enough is enough.  I’m glad Stallone weighed in on the issue criticizing society for “dropping the ball” on mental health resources and calling for a ban on assault weapons.  In a bit of irony, Stallone said, “who needs an assault weapon?”, but he did walk it back a little to say that guns weren’t the problem as much as “insanity” and “isolation”.  Not exactly the most delicate description, but I think we know where he stands.  Now I doubt he will call for a ban on “Over The Top” gun violence in movies and video games, which certainly have contributed to the problem, or call out the NRA, but his support of gun control may help some kind of legislation see “Daylight”.

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