The Election is all about the letter O

According to Nate Silver of the Five Thirty Eight blog, President Obama’s likelihood of winning these battleground states are as follows:

Ohio – 73.4%

Colorado – 52.2%

Iowa – 66.5%

North Carolina – 16.1%

Mike Allen of Politco argues that the President only needs to win a couple of the toss up states to win the election, whereas Mitt Romney needs to win practically all of them. And the math looks good for the President in some key swing states.  And do you know why?  I’ll tell you why – the letter O.  Check it out.  The most significant states where Obama has an edge all have one or more 0’s in them except North Carolina which also has two Romney r’s in it.

If I were advising the President, I would tell him and his team to double down on states that contain multiple instances of the letter o and that would be Ohio and Colorado.  No need to mess with any of the others.  Nevada, who cares – Florida has 1 r and 1 o, so it’s not worth the trouble, plus Paul Ryan’s mother lives down there which means team Romney has a built in advantage in the retirement state.

And what should the President focus on in his campaign in Ohio? I would say the AutO bailOut and OldsmObile (do they still make those?) and POntiac (they still make those, right?).  And even though I think clean coal is a joke, clean cOal features the letter o, so why not?  In Colorado, the President should talk about restoring the BuffalO population, and federal subsidies for snOw resOrts and shovel ready jobs for digging up gOld.  This would be a patriotic pitch – Uncle Sam wants you to dig for gOld to help the country dig its way out of debt.  And the President could announce a new program to bottle clean rarified Colorado air to sell abroad to countries like MexicO, HOnduras, COsta Rica, MOrOccO and Oman.

The election is going to come down to the letter O.  You watch.

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