My Debate Scorecard: 8-2-1

President Obama won the second debate with ease.  I believe Governor Romney forgot to take his protein pills before he hit the stage.  He seemed listless and in need of routine maintenance.  There was a glitch in the computer software.  The Iron Giant had a screw loose.  He didn’t hydrate – did you see him take a sip of water at all?  He had a bad case of cotton mouth – you could hear it in his parched voice.  His words stuck together like peanut brittle to teeth.   The President on the other hand got his game back in a big way and he was taking shots of water with confidence, and I think the microphone caught him crunching ice a few times as if to say, “don’t mess with me tonight”.   Ok, maybe I’m getting a little carried away with the dramatic intro, so here’s how I scored the debate.

  1. On the first question from student Jeremy who wondered how he’d ever find a job. Mitt said he’d help the kid find a job when he graduated.  If a billionaire offers to help, how can you go wrong? I hope the kid doesn’t mind being an apprentice to Romney’s head butler and operating that car elevator. Point: Romney
  2. On the role of government in lowering gas prices, they both beat their chests with the “drill baby drill” thing and got into the weeds with drilling permits.  As I’ve written before, when you get tangled up in the weeds, bad things happen.  I think Mitt rubbed up against some poisonous ivy and the President was nearly stung by a praying mantis (do they sting? I don’t even know, but the things are a little creepy).  And I’m sorry, how clean can clean coal be?  Neither talked about our insane addiction to fossil fuels and how we might wean ourselves off them.  Point: Draw.
  3. On the question asking for the specifics of Romney’s tax plan.  Romney talked about “filling a bucket” of deductions up to “I’ll pick a number, 25,000”.  Pick a number?  Some plan.  He’s truly making it up as he goes along.  Point: Obama
  4. On inequality of women in the workplace.  Mitt talked about the use of “whole binders full of women” from which to pick his administration as governor of MA.  I’m not sure how that played with suburban women who have suddenly emerged as prized voters in swing states, but it sure got a lot of play on social media.  It may be the most memorable phrase of the debate.  Point: Obama
  5. On the question of the difference between Mitt and W Bush, Mitt trashed Bush the Younger.  And the President actually made W’s social policies look sane compared to Romney’s extreme views on immigration, medicare and women’s issues.  For a fleeting moment, W seemed liked a good president – now if it weren’t for two wars and all those tax cuts…Point: Obama
  6. On the question of inflation and the general state of the economy, I hate to say it, but just based on the answers, Romney’s was more coherent, though somewhat lacking in the truth department.  The gist of it was that the economy sucks and you can count on 4 more years of the same.  Now I don’t happen to believe that, but…Point: Romney
  7. On Immigration:  Romney couldn’t even get the questioner’s name right.  He called her Glorraine or something wacky – her name was Lorraine for the record.  He showed no compassion – insisted that “illegals” would make “legals” wait in line longer to become citizens.  He’d not grant any form of amnesty, and suggested  that the “dreamers” path to citizenship would be military service.  With that answer, Romney lost the last 5 or so Latinos who might have voted for him.  Point: Obama
  8. On Libya:  Romney thought he had the President in a gotcha moment, but instead the truth won out.  Mitt accused the President of standing in the Rose Garden and saying that the attack was precipitated by a spontaneous demonstration.  However, as both President Obama and the moderator Candy Crowley pointed out, the President actually did say that it was “an act of terror”.  Plus, the President called Romney out for calling a press conference in the middle of the conflict for political gain.  Point: Obama
  9. Assault Weapons:  Romney says that he doesn’t want any new gun laws and that assault weapons are already banned.  Ok, that’s not true.  Point: Obama
  10. Outsourcing:  Romney’s middle name.  And Romney called the questioner, who was and still is I presume, a woman, a boy.  “Boy, that’s a good question…” Point: Obama
  11. Biggest misperception of the candidate as a man and candidate.  Well, Romney blew this one and said that he’d be the president of 100% of Americans.  Obama pounced with the reference to the 47% video.  Point, Game, Match: Obama

Obama won the debate decisively:  8-2-1.

2 Responses

  1. I actually got on my feet during #11 accompanied by Wooo Yea!

  2. Hi Ribbie, I enjoyed reading your debate score card 8-2-1 on the debate.Thanks for adding humor to your blog along with your graphic stamp. Where did you find that on the web? I like the format you used to get your points across on the debate. I heard them talk about ‘drill baby drill during the debate as well. I wonder what would happen if they drill too much, wouldn’t it hurt our natural resources here in the states. Although I do want the price of oil and gas to go down. I too think the issue of handing out permits got out of hand. sometimes you just don’t know who to believe when the candidates get in to the debate about fossil fuel and clean coal energy. It seems to me that when trying to develop clean energy you have to weed out the bad to get to the good or clean energy which will cause pollution of some sort. You mentioned your feelings about Romney making it up as he went along with the debate. In my opinion he didn’t demonstrate knowledge of his plan clearly or concisely. I bet after being rehearsed so much key points went right out of his head.Thanks for mentioning medicare and womens issues in your blog. They’re issues that I’m truly concerned about as well. My mother is elderly and one day we will be too; I hope it’s still available to us when we need it. As far as women issues go I’m a woman and I want big government to take notice and put women’s issues at the forefront right up there with men issues. I’m waiting for it to become law that women be treated with respect in the workplace by paying us the same as they would a man doing the same job. It’s been a long time coming and I’ll be happy when it gets there.

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