In The Weeds

Not a good place to be.  I was in them once and got bitten by a grasshopper, or maybe just pinched.  Scared the daylights out of me.  We hear this expression a lot in politics today.  Political analysts say, “we’ll be getting in the weeds” on this topic or that, meaning to explore in depth.  Paul Ryan sometimes gets into them with wonky doublespeak on medicare or tax policy.  The President may have gotten a little lost in the thicket the other night in the first debate.  He’s sure to steer clear of them in the second and third.  If Romney gets rattled by a question he’s not prepared to answer, he may too find himself deep in the weeds and there’s no telling what else will be in there with him, why it could be varmints, or a covey of quail.

Both candidates need to stay out of the weeds heading down the stretch.  I’d recommend that each arm himself with an industrial strength weed wacker.  My guess is that Team Romney will go for the gas powered one – if they run out of juice so to speak, they could just drill right on the spot or spray a banned herbicide. Team Obama would probably opt for the electric weed eater with a rechargeable batter pack.  It’s not quite as good for the toughest weeds – like hogweed and such, where alligators hide for a little down time – but it’ll do and won’t leave a trail of smoke and unregulated pollution that might make a gator sneeze or a snake slime, slither and sleeze.

Word of advice to the candidates:  to win the election, stay focused, stay clear, stay real, and stay out of the weeds where bad things lurk and gotcha moments happen –  Betcha By Golly, Wow


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