Keys To VP Debate Victory

For Ryan

  • The spread.  Throw up as many arguments as possible to force VP Biden to respond on the defensive.
  • Give short, but clear responses to the request for specifics without going into detail because the math really doesn’t add up.
  • Smile and crack a few jokes, but deliver them well.  It’s all in the delivery.
  • Don’t take the bait to reconcile his views with his running mate.  Ryan must remember that Mitt Romney is tops on the ticket – it’s Romney/Ryan not Ryan Romney.
  • Alternatively lie, or in more polite terms, pivot.  Ryan must say that he won’t cut medicare, won’t raise the retirement age, and will keep all the appealing aspects of Obamacare – preexisting conditions and the like.  In other words, he’ll repeal it, but replace it with Romneycare which as we know is Obamacare.

For Biden

  • He must avoid the rebel yell moment that got candidate Howard Dean into trouble.
  • Smiling is ok, but not too much.
  • Demand specifics from Paul Ryan and even yield a little time to allow him to explain the math.
  • Ask why Ryan rejected Ayn Rand after calling her the most significant influence on his thinking.  And if he says he likes her politics but not that she was an atheist, ask him to summarize Atlas Shrugged and We the Living and to give the most important take away from Anthem.
  • Ask why his Ipod contains so many foreign influences from AC DC to Led Zeppelin?
  • Ask Ryan about his foreign policy credentials.
  • Ask Ryan to explain why he was against the auto bailout.
  • And finally, Biden should ask Ryan how many bills he has authored in his 13 years in Congress that have become law?  The answer would be 2.





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