Is Mitt a Nitwit?

I think he just might be what with all his flip flopping and pivoting; it’s enough to make one’s head spin.  Nitt is like a gymnast who keeps tumbling long after the routine music has ended.  He’s changed his positions so many times, I don’t know what he believes.  And he made so many untruthful statements in the first debate with such passion and confidence, that he may now actually believe his own lies.  And for his masterful performance, he was awarded best actor in a dramatic debate.

So what do we now know about Nit Romney post debate?

Well, first he’s a magician.  He’s cutting taxes by 20% on everybody without reducing the deficit.  And he’s going to increase military spending to make us strong again.  I guess outspending the 13 countries in the world with the largest defense budgets combined in 2011, is showing a terrible weakness.   So, tax cuts, increased military spending as the way to reduce the budget deficit?  Um, what am I missing here?  Nat Romney is good at sleight of hand.  So unless he intends for the U.S. to go bankrupt, and there is reason to believe he does (remember that he called for the government to let the auto industry go bankrupt), the only thing left to cut with any meat on the bones would be entitlements.

Entitlements.  I’m not usually a fear mongerer, (or a fish mongerer), but if you are in your 50’s or approaching them as am I, you had better brace yourself for working until you die, because Mitt’ll raise the retirement age to 99.  The idea is that with medical advances, it is possible for people to live well into their octogenarian years.  You just might live to be 164. The only problem is with all the wacky Republicans on the Science committee who don’t believe in the dangers of global warming, who even think it’s all a hoax, and who don’t believe in evolution, or the big bang, and who believe that the earth is something like 300 years old, I’m not sure our planet has much of a chance to make it another half century.   And even if you do make it to 110, if your privatized social security money didn’t fare so well in the stock market, you are, how shall I put it delicately, SCREWED.

Medicare, also known as “Whocares”. Here’s how it will work:  Cut out your coupons.  Shop them around hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics and ask, “do you take these?”.  Best bet is to stay healthy.  Exercise and eat plenty of seaweed, krill, and plankton.  And wash it all down with spring water and extra virgin fish oil.  Cheers!


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  1. I’m starting to think he is trying to over ride Hope & Change with Bewilderment & Confusion.

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