Leef Peeping In the Rainy Swing State of NH

My wife and I took our annual fall foliage tour – just the two of us, the first time in 20 years we’ve gone without at least one of our daughters.  And the colors did not disappoint, but it rained and rained hard all day.  We got up early, headed up 93 to the White Mountains.  We stopped off for breakfast in the small town of Warner, known for its Fall Foliage Parade, and perhaps for nothing else.  My wife ordered the “Breakfast of Champions” which we affectionately nicknamed the Kurt Vonnegut special and I ordered a large blueberry pancake the size of tractor trailer tire. We walked around the town afterwards, and bought some used books.  I picked up a copy of Game Change by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin for a buck (I reviewed Game Change the movie here) and the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records for 50 cents.

There were lots of leef peppers  leaf peepers on the famous Kancamagus Trail, an east/west scenic byway that cuts through the White Mountains in Central New Hampshire.  About the only peeping going on came as swirling leaves plastered the windshields creating near white out conditions for drivers.

One political note:  New Hampshire is a weird state.  There are no state income or sales taxes in the Live Free and Die state. The roads are paved, however, and it appears they get all their state revenue from lottery tickets, tolls and from the drunks coming over from Massachusetts to buy duty free spirits as it were.  The other thing about NH, apart from it being whiter than the white mountains, is that the state, at least from the signage, appears evenly split between Obama and Romney supporters.  And there’s some guy named Ovid running for something, maybe county clerk or governor, who is perhaps related to the famous Roman poet by the same name.


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  1. Wow!� No visibility! Very overcast!

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