Alt. Debate Questions for the Undecided Voter

With the presidential debates coming up, I’m curious to know what the questions will be and suspect that most will be themed – economy, foreign policy and so on.  I would like for one debate to be moderated by me, a debate that would cover a broad spectrum of things that come to my mind, that are interesting to me, snippets from the news, random thoughts after my first cup of coffee, fleeting stuff that enters my brain that I can capture only if I blog it down immediately.  I dedicate this post to all the dull, undecided people out there who were never planning to vote in the first place and on whom billions of dollars have been spent by the campaigns to reach.  Here are some of my questions for the candidates:

  1. What are you going to do about pink slime?
  2. Do you believe that all Americans have the right to fluoridated water and decay free teeth?
  3. Thanks to NASA, we know that Mars had water and probably a waterfront.  What do you think about my jobs proposal to build a giant Ferris wheel on Mars from American Space junk?
  4. As you are well aware, acid rain is a problem.  How do you feel about dropping acid?
  5. Would your administration take action to save the recording industry by bringing back the superior sounding vinyl record?
  6. America is drowning in mercury.  It’s everywhere – watch batteries, light bulbs, thermometers, fish.  What is your proposal to make Americans safe from this dangerous, sinister heavy metal?
  7. Who is your favorite character in American literature and why?
  8. If you won a million billion trillion dollars what would you do with it?  Please be specific.  If you say give some to charity, tell me which.  And don’t say you’d put it toward the deficit, because you know you wouldn’t and if you did say, no one would believe you.
  9. When you hear the word disambiguation, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Ok, now each of you ask me a question and then comment on my answers.


One Response

  1. Ha! Great suggestions. I especially like the acid rain one.

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