Debate Fitness Key to Denver Victory

With the first of three presidential debates coming up, I wonder what kind of preparation the candidates have made?  Reports indicate that Romney has been practicing for the last 3 weeks, almost as much, maybe even more than he’s been campaigning and fundraising.  His latest campaign appearance with running mate Paul Ryan didn’t go so well and the crowd chanted Ryan, Ryan, and Romney had to redirect the chant to Romney/Ryan and while the crowd tried, the chant was a little out of synch and kind of petered out. Romney  should have been training for the debate and left the campaigning to Ryan.

The first debate will be held in the mile high city of Denver.  Now we know that debating at high elevation is dangerous and only the most fit can do so successfully, and I know both candidates have been preparing their arguments and sparring with staff in mock debates, but have they really been training? Has the President been shooting hoops at high altitude?  Has Romney opened his leer jet window at 39,000 feet while explaining what he really thinks about the 47%?

The winner of the debate will not be the best debater, or the one with the sharpest argument.  It won’t be the candidate who gets the most applause, or the candidate with the most memorable lines.  No, the winner will be the one who is fittest;  the one who won’t gasp for air mid sentence, or the candidate who has the good sense to bring a canister of supplemental oxygen on stage to set down next to the water bottle.  The key to victory just may be the combination of H2O and O2.

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  1. Nor can I. I’ll be tweeting live for that one and yelling too.

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