Advice For DEMS On Swing State Strategy

I’m going to give the Democrats some free strategic advice.  Listen up now.

Focus on the Midwestern swing states + 1.  Concentrate campaign resources in Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin plus Nevada, which is a state for real swingers.  According to polling by Real Clear Politics, Obama/Biden could have as many as 221 electoral votes from states that are  currently leaning or likely to vote for the ticket.  There are some 126 electoral votes up for grabs in Swing States that include Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin.  The 3 state Midwest strategy plus Harry Reid’s wild west Nevada, would yield 50 electoral votes, one vote over the 270 threshold.

Counter voter ID laws in the swing states by getting out information to voters on how to get an ID if they don’t have one.  And do it now, because it may take up to 60 days for some to get the needed documents to get a photo ID or the required ID.  Florida, Michigan, and New Hampshire require photo ID to vote.  Colorado, Ohio and Virginia require some form of ID, but not a photo.  Pennsylvania leans toward Obama/Biden, but does have a photo ID law, so it is important for Quaker Staters to photo up.  Worst case, voters should know that they may be allowed to cast a provisional ballot even if they don’t have a required ID provided they can supply it within a few days after the election.

Florida and North Carolina are close and if Team Obama wins either, it may be all over for Team Romney, but the odds are less favorable to Democrats there than in other places.  I’d make Romney/Ryan work hard in these “right to work” states to divert away some GOP campaign resources from the Midwest.

In all the battleground states, turning out the base is key.  Democrats, please don’t pander to the Independents and let them co-opt the election.  And to the good folks from the great state of Iowa with your 6 electoral votes, I’m sorry, you’ve had your fun, vote as you like, but don’t expect to bask in the glory of swing statedom.  You had your caucus and lots of media attention. And yes, I am impressed that a debate team from Iowa City West High School won the 2012 National High School Debate Tournament of Champions (TOC) which is worth a shout out, and certainly reason for you to support a candidate who supports high school activities like speech, drama, theater and debate…but Iowa, the elections will be won or lost in states around you.

Same goes for you New Hampshire with your 6.  You had your caucus.  You may be Independent, but you remember Mitt – you do!


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