Clinton DNC Speech Not His Best, But Good Enough

Former President Bill Clinton nominated President Barack Obama for reelection with a classic speech – part lecture, part performance – methodical, entertaining and informative, filled with words like “now” (when making new points),  “you know why?”  and “because”  to explain the differences on key issues between the Republicans and Democrats.  He boiled it down to “you’re on your own”  vs. “we are in this together.”  Me, me, me and only people like me vs. all of us, and I don’t think I have to tell you the side each party supports; as Todd Rundgren sang, I Think You Know.

Clinton reassured the nation that the President’s policies are moving the country in the right direction.  He opined that it would have been impossible for anyone to turnaround the country faced with the mess left by the Republicans in 2008 in just 4 years and that Mr. Obama needed 4 more years to finish the job.  And while Clinton’s scathing critique of Romneyomics hit the spot; as riveting and compelling as it was in its entirety, it needed an intermission.  Seriously, his speech was just toooo loooong; almost an hour.  When he began to sound too wonky there toward the end, I knew it was time for him to wrap up.  And I don’t think I was alone in my assessment.  I was actually hoping that Chelsea or Rahm Emmanuel would make eye contact and look down pointing at their watches.

This address will not go down as his best, and it will not overshadow the President’s; it didn’t overshadow Elizabeth Warren’s speech or Gov. Deval Patrick’s for that matter, but it may have been exactly what the Dems needed to sway a few undecided Independents and to convince the unenthusiastic moderate Dem to actually vote.   That was his job.

4 Responses

  1. I am such an Elizabeth Warren fan.

  2. Me too and I get to vote for her!! Actually, I voted for her yesterday in the Dem primary. She ran unopposed.

  3. You’re a lucky man! My mother & I support her from Philly with a contribution.

  4. I certainly approve of that contribution!!

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