Indeed We Are Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago

Are we better off than we were four years ago?  Definitely!  We were headed off an economic cliff thanks to years of deregulated markets, tax cuts, and ill-advised, unpaid for wars.  Know this:  the Obama administration saved us from a certain depression, kept the government solvent and passed a stimulus that ultimately saved and created jobs, provided relief to struggling families, tax relief to most workers and aid to failing states, and yes GOP governors took that money too as they railed against the very idea of the stimulus.  The President also saved the auto industry which is as healthy today as it has been in years. Mitt and Ryan were against that too.  And homeowners still can take a mortgage interest deduction.  If Mitt and and Ryan are elected, you can kiss that one goodbye.   Oh and health care too as we know it.  Ready to use government issued coupons to hunt for health insurance? And are you ready to invest your SS in the stock market?

The President has made progress on issues that are important to me, such as clean energy, consumer protection, health care reform, immigration reform (the Dream Act), Supreme Court picks to counter the frightening  judicial shift to the right and though he doubled down on Afghanistan, he is bringing the troops back home and he got us out of Iraq. Oh, and I almost forgot – he gave the kill order that ended Bin-Laden.  Consider this:  Team Obama has kept us out of any new major war by using the weapons of diplomacy and international pressure.  I tell you this, our nation is infinitely better off than we would have been had the hawk McCain been elected.

The GOP can ask this question all day long to try to distract the President from the economic issues that most people really care about – jobs and prosperity for the middle class.  And a great many people care about other topics as well such as the environment, climate change, marriage equality, clean energy, voting rights and the rising cost of higher education. I know I do.  But let them ask it and don’t be shy to answer it in 365 words as I have.

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