Olympic Gymnastics: A Call for Gender Equality

What’s with gymnastics?  Why do the men and women compete on different apparatuses? Can’t the women do rings and the pommel horse?  Couldn’t the men do the balance beam and the uneven bars?  And why do the women perform to music and the men don’t?  I like the idea of music for the floor, but I don’t like hearing the music when the other events are going on.  If I were a gymnast, and I am not, I would not like hearing a competitor’s floor music especially if it’s something annoying like “Flight of the Bumblebee”, or “Theme from Rocky”.  I’d mess up, fall off and get a negative score.

Here are some of my choices for floor exercise music for men and women alike:

The Jetson’s Theme Song: pure energy to amp up the crowd.

The Right of Spring –  Stravinsky: because if you mess up, it’ll go with the music.

MmmBop – Hanson:  why not?

Loving You – Minnie Ripperton: the high notes might distract the judges from a really bad performance.

Time Zone – Kruder and Dorfmeister:  it’s just really cool vibes for flips and stuff.



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