2012 USA Hoops Good, but No Dream Team

The 1992 Dream Team probably could have beaten the 2012 NBA All-Star USA Olympic basketball  team…in 1992, when Kobie, LeBron and Carmelo were like 10.  On the other hand, as the profound and literal country hick philosopher, Hall of Famer and Dream Teamer Larry Bird put it,  “they probably could beat us because we’re so old,” or words to that effect.  If the teams were contemporaries, the Dream Team might very well take down the 2012 version of Team USA.  Is there a better play maker than Stockton, a better leader than Magic, a better shooter than Bird, a better player than Jordan, a better bruiser with a soft touch than Barkley and better big men than Robinson and Ewing?  Sure, these are rhetorical questions for those of us who remember the Dream Team and the NBA of the 80’s and 90’s, but the younger generation may not be convinced.  So consider this:

  • The Dream Team beat Lithuania by 51 points.  The 2012 team beat Lithuania by 5.
  • The 1992 Dream Team was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011, and 11 of the 12 players have been individually elected to the Hall of Fame.
  • 10 of the 12 Dream Teamers won one or more NBA championships.  Just 3 members of the 2012 squad have won NBA championships.
  • Air Jordan.

Until the 2012 team wins a medal and its members a few more championships,  we should put the controversy to rest.


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