Desperate GOP with new Southern Strategy

I don’t know why the fuss about the Affordable Care Act, (ACA) A/K/A Obomneycare.  The GOP objects for political reasons and now have tried to repeal it something like 33 times.  Interesting, wasn’t 33 the year prohibition was repealed? They argue that the ACA is bad economics – $ over people every time – and that affordable health care is an unconstitutional violation of freedom, which they’ve made up in desperation after the SCOTUS ruled ACA is constitutional.

The GOP says Obomneycare represents the largest tax increase in the history of the world.  What?  I guess they are talking about the penalty (tax) that people who refuse to buy insurance would have to pay.  Would that many people opt out of health insurance?   Largest tax increase?  Don’t forget that the President has been asking for an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the middle class, but the GOP won’t support it because the poor billionaires won’t get their cut.   I guess it’s tough being a billionaire in America.

They say affordable health care is not good for America.  Come again?  Texas, led by “don’t mess with Texas” Rick Perry, has refused to set up health exchanges and to expand Medicaid, which  the federal government would pay for 100%  for the first three years, after which states would have to chip in 10%.  Other southern states like Mississippi, Louisiana and Florida, which have some of the highest numbers of people without health insurance in the country, also refuse to expand Medicaid to provide access to affordable health care for residents without it.  I hope they understand that just because someone is uninsured, doesn’t mean they can’t vote.

Will the southern states secede from the union and form their own country? This might be in the works if the governors of Texas and Florida with the two first names for names – Rick Perry and Rick Scott – get their way.  Remember, it’s Florida that has refused to abide by a federal order to stop purging its voter rolls as part of a voter suppression strategy.  Wait, maybe they do know the uninsured can vote.

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  1. Where is the LOVE button for this piece of truth….Amen!

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