Courts Order Twitter To Fork Over Tweets

I read that U.S. courts have ordered twitter to hand over information on some of its users, including tweets that had been deleted, in what seems to be a violation of U.S. privacy laws.  One such case involved an OWS protester.  I am not an OWS protester and have not been taken to court for anything, but I do support the movement in spirit.  If my tweets were ever handed over to the government, here’s a sampling of what they’d have on me:


The truth is that facts are nuanced and sometimes “interested”.

Enough with the flat tax, we need a fat cat tax.

The GOP should say if you want to avoid paying taxes, buy health insurance!

Climate change denying is part of a general pattern of GOP obstructionism where facts don’t matter.

Hey folks. Instead of Stretch Genie, just buy your size.

Libor, sounds like the name of a soap, or a small city in Portugal.

Maybe we can use some of Phil Swift’s Flex Seal to fix the economy.

GOP wants smaller government – no regs, but more corporate welfare.

Hard to take Bible literally when you read things like, “Noah lived 350 years after the flood and died at 950. Gen 9: 28-29. CEV.

Creationism should be taught in school: Sunday School.

Lizz Winstead looks and sounds like Jane Kaczmarek, who plays the mother, Lois, on Malcolm in the Middle.

Imagine if the angry birds and mad cows went on strike.

Gen. Clark says no one can get to the right of Obama on foreign policy, but that’s not true – the Pres doesn’t favor bombing Iran.

I believe the rulebook stipulates that all pitching coaches must wear a mustache.

Educ. is not traning. Training is narrow. Lose job, need more training, not so, with liberal arts – you are “trained” for life.

If football players can play in the rain, why can’t baseball players?

With all of Regan’s “liberal” stances, the GOP will have to go way back to Warren G. Harding for a hero.

I just have to say this: I’m not a fan of Tim Horton’s. I’m not.

Salty’s A falls right off his uniform.

I’m not excited about the new Dodge Dart.

Ron Paul has passed 1 bill in his 14 years in Congress. One.

Cat running for senate in VA. Cats are not easily influenced by special interests, but do like the catnip.


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