Puff Adder and Teva Sandals

I was scanning my news feed and came across this headline: FDA Warns of Teva’s Adderall Fakes. My brain skipped over the all in Adder which conjured up an image of a puff adder striking a nerdy Teva sandal wearing hiker.  Now I consider myself to be a good reader, one who previews headlines and other cues to predict what a reading might be about, and to decide whether I want to read it, bringing to the process my own knowledge and experiences.  So I thought the FDA must be concerned about fake antivenom for puff adder bite victims.  I’m no herpetologist, but I know the puff adder is one mean venomous snake.

I do get a little excited sometimes and jump to conclusions.  I wanted the article to be about a sandal wearing puff adder bite victim who was almost treated with fake antivenom.  I envisioned some serpent loving medic saving the day at the last second.

To my disappointment, the article had nothing to do with snakes, or sandals.  Fake Adderall is interesting, but not nearly as interesting as my imagination.  But wait, I wonder how a snake would respond to Adderall injections?  I wonder if they would neutralize the snake’s venom so that if it bit a person, he’d be injected with a drug rather than a poison.  It might just do the puff adder and the bite victim some good.


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