Horses Prefer Money Laundering

When I first read the headline about a  drug trafficking operation that laundered money with horses, I couldn’t believe it.  I can understand laundering money – it gets dirty – no telling how many people have handled all those bills.  I would imagine they’d use the delicate cycle for large bills, maybe permanent press for smaller bills and the bulky cycle for cash bundles. My guess is that All, Bold, Fresh Start and Gain are popular brands for the money launderer.  Of course, dry cleaning would be another option, though a slightly more expensive one.   But the horses.  I want to know the role of the horses in the laundering process.  The article is not so clear on that, so…

I was thinking that horses are strong animals, and could be used to crank a giant agitator.  A rope would be tied to the saddle and the agitator which would spin as the horse trots around in a circle at say a Circle Ranch.  After a good spin and drain, the horses tail could dry the bills.

I think horses might actually prefer money laundering to herding cows, which I’ve heard they don’t like doing because cows moo continual equine insults.  And laundering is infinitely preferable and easier on the horse than racing with no painful whips involved.



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