The Essence of Herbal Essences

The essences of Herbal Essences Hydralicious shampoo are water and a foaming soapy chemical called sodium lauryl sulfate.  The shampoo has this going for it – it smells great because the maker Clairol squirted in a little perfume and passiflora incarnata fruit extract. The stuff should really be called Herbal Traces.

As a shampoo for featherweights, I was wondering why there’s no boxer on the bottle, but maybe the bodyless reference would be too graphic of a connection, you know a boxer getting his or her head knocked off.  Yet, Clairol made Hydralicious shampoo specifically for hair that needs body so in addition to boxing, it conjures up images of Harry Potter’s Nearly Headless Nick. Clairol should team up with JK Rowling and put out a line of Harry Potter hair products.  I have a bunch of ideas should either of the parties be interested.

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